Tutorial: Long Nylon Pendant and Tassel Necklace

Nylon Long Necklaces

We love long necklaces! These elegant pieces were simple strung on nylon cord and ended with beads and a tassel for a simple hand tied closure.

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New Jewelry Affair Celebrates Simple Elegance

Jewelry Affair

We just received the new Jewelry Affair magazine and we are blown away by the beautiful pieces of jewelry featured in the magazine. Jewelry Affair features the most innovative artists for your own inspiration as well as replication. Some articles include tutorials or descriptions on how the artist achieved a style, or made a particular piece of jewelry. We took a look inside this issue and decided to share what we found.

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Ideas for the New Raw Brass

Beaded Ring

Dimensional rings can be achieved by stacking multiple elements on a ring base.

Bat Bracelet

Bend pieces around a mandrel or a household item with a large diameter to fit it as a bracelet, or a decoration for a bracelet base. Here, a patina colors the bat a darling teal with highlights along the edges of the leather.

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