Mens Leather Bracelet Tutorial


2 x 14 inches of 2mm leather cord (one of each color)
2 Bead caps or cones
2 inches of 24 gage silver wire
2 x 6mm jump rings
Tierracast toggle clasp


1. Cut leather into four 7 inch pieces
2. Combine two pieces (one of each color) and fold them in half creating a 1 inch loop.
3. Wrap the leather with wire to secure the loop
4. Take the other two pieces of leather and repeat step 2 but before wrapping it with the wire, loop it through the first side to connect the center of the bracelet
5. Wrap the end of the leather and pull it into caps to finish the ends and make a wire wrapped loop outside the cap to attach your clasp
6. Use jump rings to attach the clasp.