The outfit maker chain necklace

·    1 x 19 inch chain (we used heavy gold big linked)
·    2 x 3 foot colored ribbons.  (if the ribbons are solid you can use one.  The ribbons we used were semi transparent so we doubled them up)
·    2 x fold over crimps
·    2 x 8mm gold jump rings
·    5 x large beads (we used turquoise)
·    5 x gold head eye pins
·    2 ft of smaller chain (we chose a smaller version of the original gold chain)
·    16 x 6mm gold jump rings
·    1 x clasp
·    1x  big eye needle

1.    Thread your big eye needle with the ribbon.  (If you are doubling up on the ribbon use both)

2.    Starting at one end, weave the ribbon through the links in the chain.  (We did not have a specific pattern to the weaving, but rather just did it haphazardly).  Do not pull the ribbon tight as this will cause the chain to bunch up.

3.    Weave until the ribbon is done. When you are finished weaving the ribbon through the chain, cut off extra chain leaving one extra link past the ribbon on both sides.
4.    Use the fold over crimps to finish off the end of the ribbon.  The ends of the ribbon should now be the same length as the ends of the chain.
5.    Using a 8mm jump ring, attach fold over crimp and chain to one side of the clasp.  Repeat for the other side.  You should now have the completed chain with ribbon (we will call this chain#1).

6.    Put one of your large beads on an eye pin and turn a loop at the other end.
7.    repeat for all 5 beads

8.    Take your smaller chain (we will call this chain #2) and wrap it around the big bead to measure aprox. how much to cut.  (we were going for a “messy look” and so were not exact in the measurements)

9.    Repeat for all five beads. (you should now have 5 pieces of chain #2)
10.    Open the top of the eye pin and attach both ends of chain #2 to the bead and to chain #1 using one of the 6 mm jump rings.
11.    Open the eye pin on the bottom of the bead and attach chain#2 to the bottom of the bead.

12.   Repeat this for all 5 beads. When you are done,  all 5 beads should now be hanging from the chain#1 with chain#2 attached at the top and the bottom of each bead.
14.    Using 6mm jump rings attach chain#2 to the piece next to it in between the 5 beads, connecting all 5 together.
15.    Use remaining jump rings to attach chain#2 to chain#1 on either side of the first and last bead.
16.     wear and love your new FAB chain necklace!