Tips…To Knot Or Not To Knot

If there is one thing that dives us crazy more than anything else it is any sentence that starts with the words “It has to be done this way..” or “you have to do it like this…”  Sure there are recommended techniques and styles in jewelry making; however, one of the greatest things about creating your own jewelry is that you can do it your own way.  You are in charge of what your piece will look like and sometimes a break with tradition can turn into something wonderful.   There is almost nothing more traditional than a strand of pearls;  they are elegant and beautifully simple.   Unfortunately, many people often shy away from these wonderful beads as some people will tell you that “pearls need to be knotted”… and yes…there still are some of us out there who either never learned to knot or don’t want to take the time to do it.  If this sounds like you then never fear, the solution is here.  We used hishi spacers in between these pearls to create a unique take on a traditional pearl necklace and finished it off with a decorative clasp.  Stringing a pearl necklace has never been easier!   For those who like the traditional look of a knotted pearl necklace, our Knotting For Beginners class is coming up on October 9th.