Tutorial…Simple Wire Wrapped Ring

It seems as though whenever I finish a beading project I always find myself with random beads which are left over.  More often than not these beads get tossed into my “someday I will use these” bucket.  Here is a quck and easy wire wrapped ring tutorial that will help you find a home for all those lonely leftovers!

1 large bead
about 1.5 ft. of 20 gage half hard sterling wire


1.  In choosing your bead, make sure that the wire will fit through the hole. TIP – If the hole is too small you may want to use a larger gage wire and double up on the wrapping.  Thread the wire through the bead so it sits in the middle of the wire.

2. place on top of the finger you want to wear the ring on and wrap each side around your finger.

3. take off your finger.  While holding the loops you just created together, bring the ends of the wire up and back across the bead

4. wrap the wire around the side of the loop to finish the ring on one side, do the same on the other side to finish the ring.  TIP – we recommend using needle nose or chain nose pliers to pull the wire through for a tight wrap.

5. Wear and love your new ring!

There are an incredible number of ways in which to make rings from beads.  We added a new Bling Ring class this month for those of you interested in taking it up a notch.  Or just stop by and check out our selection of store samples!