Tips and Tricks…The perfect Loop

One of the most commonly used techniques in jewelry making is turning a loop at the end of a head pin.  For long time beaders this a skill which you have most likely mastered, but for newbees, this can lead to frustration.  We know that when we started it was often difficult to determine exactly how large the loop would turn out and often ended up with loops in various sizes.  Sue shares her tip on how to get the perfect size loop every time!

Turn a loop at the end of a headpin (we turned a large loop for this larger bead).   Insert  the end of your round nosed pliers into the loop to measure where on the pliers you will be turning your next one.   Using a sharpie, make a mark on the pliers.  Uncurl your loop and measure the length then mark your ruler.   Now you are all set to go, using the marks you made on the ruler and pliers you will be able to make the same sized loops time and again.  Simply put your bead on the head pin and using your marked ruler, cut of the excess.  Place the end of the cut head pin at the mark on your pliers and turn your loop!
Thanks Sue!