Tutorial…Leather and Chain Bracelet

2 Feet of leather cord
1 1/2 feet rolo chain
1 large jump ring
1 large holed bead


1.Cut chain into two equal pieces

2. Lay pieces of chain down parallel to one another and pin down to secure the
two pieces. (a velvet board works well for this)

3. Take your piece of leather and thread it through the first links in both pieces
of chain.  (the links should be standing up, not lying flat)

4. Take both ends of the leather and thread them through the third set of links
skipping the second set but going around them.  (think of like lacing up shoes.

5. Continue this process until you have finished.  You should be at the end of the
chain bus still have cord left over.

6. Attach a large jump ring to the two links that you started with.

7. On the side with the leftover leather, thread both pieces of leather through a
large holed bead (we used a ‘Pandora’ style bead) then through the large jump
ring which you attached in the last step, and then back through the bead.

8. Tie a knot at the end of each piece of leather.
9.  Wear and love your new bracelet!