Chic Punk Suede & Chain Cuff


We found this great leather and chain cuff in a style magazine and decided to use it for this weeks tutorial.  There are probably a number of ways to complete this project, this is the easiest way that we found (and the least time consuming 🙂

suede Scrap
Czech glass drops
Black C-Lon
Hole Punch
Tierracast silver clasp

1.  Measure your wrist to determine how long your cuff will need to be.  Using a ruler, measure and cut your suede.  The width is       pretty much up to you and how wide you will want it to be.
2.  Choose the chain you would like to use.  Try to find one where the links lie as flat as possible.  The length of chain you will need depends on the width of your cuff.  Choose the beads you would like to use.  We chose these Czech glass drops but it is up to you depending on the look you are going for.
3.  Measure and mark where you will punch you holes along both the top and the bottom edges of the suede.  We chose to space the holes 1cm from each other as the chain we selected is quite thick.  (remember to leave room at the ends to attach the clasps)
4.  Because our leather is black we could not use a pen to mark it and as such used an awl to punch mark it.  (We might choose a different color of suede next time to make life easier 🙂
5.  Once we had our leather marked we used a punch to make our holes.
6. Measure the lengths of chain you will need to cut.  To do this we simply laid the chain on top of our piece of suede and counted the number of links we wanted (for us it was 9 links)
7.  Using the C-Lon we attached our chain using a running stitch – up through the hole, around the end link, and back down through the same hole, up through the next hole, around the link of the next piece of chain, back down through the same hole etc..  Only attach to the top of the suede first.
8. Once we added three pieces of chain we decided to add our beads.
9. For the beads – put the beads you select on to an eyepin, again lying it on the leather to measure how many to add.  (remember to take into account the eyes at BOTH ends when measuring)  Once you have your beads on the eyepins attach them to the suede the same way that you did the chain.  Because the suede is not as sturdy as thick leather, the beads add stability to the cuff!
10.  Continue this process of adding beads and chain until you get to the end of the piece of suede.  Here you can either tie off the C-Lon and start with a new piece or just continue on to the bottom of the cuff using the same piece.
11.  Repeat the same proccess along the bottom edge of the cuff..
12.  Once you have finished it is time to add the clasp.  There are a number of ways to finish the cuff, we chose simply to punch two hole on both ends and add S hooks.  For more stability you may want to add rivets to your holes.
13. Wear and love you new cuff!  Ours turned out with some pieces of chain a little looser than we expected, but as it turns out we love the effect!