Wrap Bracelet

This is one of  those designs, you know the ones that you see for sale for upwards of $50 to $60 and sometimes even more – and you think “well I could make that.”   And you know what…you really can!  We love this design for many reasons but the number one is the ability to whip out a large number relatively quickly, each with a different flavor depending on which beads you choose (as seen in the bracelets shown above.)  There are a number of different ways to create this bracelet and you can use a loom if you would like but if you don’t have one this tutorial is the way to go!

leather or cotton cord
I strand of round or semi round beads for the fluorite bracelet on the top or two strands of czech glass for the bracelet on the bottom.
Big eye needle
Hypo cement or another beading glue
Beading thread

Some notes:
The number of beads that you will use depends on the length of bracelet you will want to make, obviously the longer you will make it the more beads you will need.  The length of cord and string  will also depend on the length of the finished bracelet.  Also important to keep in mind is that  the hole size of the beads will determine the type of bead string you will need.  In general stone beads often tend to have much smaller holes than glass beads.

1. For the double wrap bracelet we used 2 x 2 foot pieces of cotton cord and about 4 feet of ceylon micro thread – in this tutorial we will refer to the ceylon as the thread
2. Attach the end of the ceylon one of the pieces of cord about 1.5 inches from the end using a square knot

3. Using your big eye needle, add the first bead to the thread and then bring the needle back through the bead creating a loop on the other side of the bead as shown

4. Slide the second piece of cord through the loop and pull the thread tight bringing both pieces of cord snug up to the bead on each side

5. This is the step in which you can decide how many times you want to run the thread back through your bead.  For a looser bracelet you may not want to run it back through and may simply just wrap the thread under and around the first piece of cord and continue adding beads.  For a tighter bracelet you can weave the thread through the bead and around the cord a few more times.

6. Each time you add another bead you will repeat this process.  The bracelet will begin a bit loose and you will need to keep the tension in it, but by the time you add about 4/5 beads it will start to keep its shape better.

7. Keep adding beads until you reach the desired length.  Remember to account for the clasp at the ends which will add length.  If you find yourself running out of thread simply tie it off to one of the pieces of cord and start a new piece.  we had to do this twice on the blue bracelet and it is hardly noticeable.
8.  We finished off the bracelet by adding cord endings to all four ends of the cord and attached a jump ring to one side and a S hook to the other.  Secure all your knots with the beading glue.

9. Wear and love your new bracelet!

Each time we do a tutorial we try our best to give you the instructions you might need for the project.  However, if you ever find yourself needing a little more guidance we are always here to help out and have copies of the tutorial in the store as well!