Tutorial: Ballarina Necklace

We featured this necklace in a newsletter a while back and thought that it was too special to just let go of.  We used Swarovski crystals of both necklaces pictured here but one of the great things about this design is its versatility.  Pretty much any type of beads will work (even if they are quite a bit larger – you would just use less of them)  Or you can make a few in a couple of different colors.  Because C-Lon comes in so many  different shades it is easy to match with almost any bead color!

If you want to know more about knotting our knotting for beginners is coming up on March 5th!


10 x 6mm Bicones                hypocement
3 x 1.5 feet pieces C-Lon        1 clasp
2 clamshells                       knotting tweezers
6 inches of chain                4 4mm jump rings

1.   Take the first piece of C-Lon and tie a knot about 3 inches from the end
2.   Add the first crystal
3.   Using your knotting tweezers, secure the first bead
4.   Tie your second knot (we did this about 2.5 inches from the first bead)
5.   Add your next bead and secure with the second knot using knotting tweezers.
6.   Repeat this step with two more beads.  We alternated between 2 and 2.5 inch spacing
to achieve a staggered effect.
7.    Lie the completed first strand and the second piece of C-Lon down next to each other
and figure out where you want to place the first bead on the second piece of C-Lon.
This will create the staggered effect that we want – tie your first knot.  (we tied this
knot at about 1/2 inch past the first bead on the completed strand)
8.   Add the first bead to this strand and using the knotting tweezers, secure the knot.
9.   Repeat this process to complete the second strand. staggering the beads as you like.
(We only used three crystals on this and the next strand.)
10.  Repeat this process for the third strand.
11.   Hold the all the ends of one side of all three strands and tie a knot about 1/2 inch
from the closest bead and do the same on the other end.
12.   Add beading glue (we recommend hypocement) to both knots and cut off the excess
13.   Cover your knots with clamshells and attach a jump ring to each clamshell.
14.   Attach a piece of chain to one of the jump rings and measure around your neck how
long you would like your necklace to be.  Cut your chain.
15.   Attach the end of chain you just cut to the second jump ring.
16.   Find the middle of the chain and cut it.  Attach a clasp using the two remaining
jump rings.
17.   Wear and love your new necklace!