Summer CZ Earring Tutorial

We think that Cubic Zirconia (CZ’s) have gotten a bad wrap.  Rather that looking at them as diamond wannabe’s, we think that they are stunning and reasonably priced gemstones that are super versatile and very elegant.  This simple tutorial uses Swarovski crystals and silver foxtail chain to turn CZ briolettes into awesome summer earrings.

2 large CZ briolettes
16 size 4 Swarovski bicones
5 in. foxtail chain
2 crimps with loops
2 earwires

1.  Cut your 5 inch piece of foxtail into two 2.5in pieces.  (If you want longer earrings you can use a longer piece of chain) and thread it through the briolette.

2.  “Squish” the chain so that it lies vertical from the top of the briolette

3.  Add 4 bicones to each side of the chain.

4.  Both ends of chain go into the crimp – crimp it closed. 
Repeat for the second earring.

5. Wear and love your new earrings!