Steven James is here June 4th

Steven James will be here June 4th to teach an ALL DAY enameling class.  Spaces are limited so sign up soon!

Creativity Held Hostage

Sunday, June 4th

Creativity Held Hostage? Free Yourself with Enameled Ransom Note Jewelry Is something holding your creativity hostage? Come to class and  set yourself free! The iconic look of randomly assembled letters in  ransom notes is
permanently captured with enameled components you  customize yourself. Recreate your name, favorite word, or even your  demands with torch-fired glass on custom-cut copper sheet. It is helpful  if students have previous torch enameling experience, but it is not a  prerequisite. Your components can dangle from a necklace or be attached  to form a bracelet or choker. In order to provide the most unique  lettering selection, bring one set of letter rubber stamps from your  scrapbook collection to share with the rest of the class. Most students  can finish shorter words in class, but longer words or sentences may take additional time outside of class.

If students have these items they should feel free to bring them, but Steven will
have most of these for students to share:

metal files, paintbrush, paper for designing notes,  letter rubber stamps,
safety glasses, terry-cloth towel, tin snips (French  cutting shears may be used
instead of traditional tin snips), two-hole  punch, locking tweezers, small bowl
or the bottom half of a two-liter  bottle to hold water, glossy magazine sheets,
old toothbrush, plastic  lid.