Spoon Pendant Tutorial

Spoon PendantSo much fun – so little time!  We decided to combine two sections into one this time with this easy and fun spoon to pendant tutorial (and before and after). We were at the flea market a while back and found this cute spoon. We weren’t exactly sure what we would do with it at the time but knew that it had to be bought. With a little bit of sawing, a little bit of soldering and a little bit of experimentation we came up with this cute new pendant. We also saved the part we cut off to use in later projects.


1 spoon
1 jump ring
1 chain

(For Sawing)
jewelry saw
wax for saw
bench pin

(For Soldering)
soldering iron
lead free solder

1.  Using the jewelry say cut the head off the spoon
*we have a bunch of great books on how to use a jewelry saw and will be having a class coming up this summer on sawing.
2.  apply flux to the area of the spoon you want to add the jump ring and also apply flux to the jump ring.
3.  place the jump ring on the spoon keeping it in place with a pair of tweezers or pliers.
4.  using your soldering iron, add solder to attach the jump ring to the spoon.

That’s it!

We weren’t sure if this was going to work out seeing as we were just making this project up as we went and it turned out a bit messier than we would have wanted but the heat started melting the resin on the image so we just decided to go with it and refine the technique at a later date.  Besides, we like the “home made” look.