Tutorial: Leather Cuff

A new selection of leather pieces is in and so cool!  We decided that this would be a good opportunity to do a quick tutorial on this easy and versitile cuff.

1 leather or buckskin strip
1 piece of suede
hole punch (or aul)
1 big holed bead (we used TierraCast)
2 charms (we used Tierracast)


1.  After you choose your piece of suede measure it around your wrist to get the length and width you need.  We just cut our piece in half, then measured it for length not worrying about the width.  When measuring the length, cut it about an inch shorter than will fit wrapping  around your wrist to leave room for the cuff to cinch up in the end.  It will stretch as well so too short is better than too long!

2.  Align your piece of leather so that the ends meet and cut the excess so it is symmetrical on both sides.  At this point you can choose how the end result will look.  We chose to leave it as a more organic shape, but if you want a perfect rectangle that is entirely up to you.  The most important part is to make sure that the two ends where you will connect it are the same width.

3.  Using a hole punch, punch your holes in the leather.  We just eye-balled ours but they ended up being about 3/4inch apart.  When you do this punch through both pieces at the same time to ensure correct alignment.

4.  Trim off the pieces of the leather that are hanging off after the punch being sure to not cut into the leather -the holes will stretch out!

5.  Take suede or buckskin strip and weave it through the leather as you would use laces to tie your shoe.

6.  When you are doe try on you cuff to see how long to leave your “laces” and trim the excess.

5.  To finish, thread both ends of strip through a big-holed bead.  This can be a bit of a wrestling match with the strip, taping the ends will help to make it a bit easier.

6.  Attach a Tierracast charm to the end of each lace and tie off using a simple knot.

7.  Wear and love your new cuff!