October Trunk Show

Oct. Trunk Show We are doing another Silver Sale Trunk Show! Come in to see our selection of Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Turkish Silver, Bronze, and Copper decorative pieces. We have beads, clasps, toggles, headpins, pendants, cones, cord ends, and much more! The sale doesn’t last long, ending on October 17th, so be sure to come by and take the chance to get some amazing pieces at discounted prices. (Pictures and prices after the jump)

Vermeil @ $4.95 / gram
Sterling Silver @ $4.00 / gram
Turkish Silver @ $5.50 / gram
Bronze @ $1.80 / gram
Copper @ $1.60 / gram

Vermeil Sterling
Vermeil Sterling Silver
Bronze Copper
Bronze Copper
Vermeil and Sterling Silver Heapins  
Vermeil and Sterling Silver Headpins