Costume Jewelry

Having a hard time finding inspiration for a jewelry piece to go with your costume? Well, we here at Legendary Beads have thought of some ideas for basic costumes, The Skeleton, The Pirate, and The Flapper.

Skeleton Costumes Pirate Costume Flapper Costume


The Skeleton

Skeleton Costumes

A wonderful costume that can be fun for the whole family gets a beady twist!

Skeleton Beads

  1. Ceramic beads are perfect for skeletons because of the numerous shapes and sizes we have them in. Most popular are the small ceramic skulls to make cute little beaded skeletons (see previous post).
  2. Little Tierra Cast bone links, skulls, and an assortment of Día de los Muertos themed beads will spice up any skeleton costume.
  3. Don’t want anything that looks like a skeleton? Try hair pipes made out of real bone, great pieces to add the right color or texture.

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The Pirate

Pirate Costume

Arrrrrrr Matey!

Pirate Beads

  1. What makes these ceramic beads so great is that the little pirate heads come in two styles: healthy and pillaging, or sleeping with the fishes. They come in a great variety of colors and two sizes (only small is pictured).
  2. Need to wear the sign of a pirate with pride? Tierra Cast charms are in the shapes of things that pirates hold dear to their heart.
  3. Here’s an idea – Pyrite (Py-rate, get it?) is also called Fool’s Gold and would be a great way to wear a pirate’s booty!

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Please note that not all beads pictured are available online.

ShellsA great idea to keep with modern trends is to use shell beads as your pirate’s jewelry treasures. Shell beads are very popular right now and would be a great way to make a piece that can be worn every day!



The Flapper

Flapper Costume

A wonderfully beautiful and classic style.

Flapper Beads (Pearls)

Chinese glass pearls are ideal for making those long pearl necklaces associated with the flapper style. The strands vary in price and color depending on size. The pearls pictured are 8mm and $4.95 per 16 inch strand.

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Please note that not all beads pictured are available online