Fall Inspired Pearls and Leather

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry in a magazine or catalog and thought, “Maybe I could make that”? We here at Legendary Beads think this all the time! There is a particularly beautiful design by Chan Luu that we’ve seen for hundreds of dollars, but we found a way to make something similar for only $8.

Pearls and Leather

There is a wonderful tutorial over at Honestly…WTF, but we did a different variation based off the same style.

Pearls and Leather

We used a knotted strand of 4mm glass pearls instead of ball chain, and only one strand of leather instead of having one doubled up. Using only one strand created an interesting twist effect in the final product that lays organically on the wrist.

Pearls and Leather

You can try this at home, it’s super easy!
4mm glass pearls $2.95
Bead cord for knotting $1.50
2mm Leather cord $1.50 for 1 yard
Waxed Cotton $1.95

Follow the tutorial at Honestly…WTF but knot your pearls on the bead cord before starting, substituting the pearls for the ball chain. If you have any more questions, let us know!