Holiday Jewelry

Don’t have something great to wear to your office, family or friend holiday party? We have gathered together some inspiring pieces and solutions to make them your own!


Beaded Bead Necklaces

This beautiful Alfani necklace is a great silver colored piece that uses a simple spaced mixture of chain and beaded beads. We have some great pearl beaded beads that can be strung or wire wrapped onto any chain, any color. If you are feeling adventurous, check out videos on how to make your own beaded bead and have more control over the color you want to use.

Chain and Beaded Beads



Crystal and Gun Metal Necklace

There are two great things about this season: gun metal and crystal. We have some fantastic Chinese Crystal in various sizes, shapes and colors that can be strung in a cluster by wire wrapping each bead on a headpin and stringing the headpins together on a material such as beading wire. Crimp the beading wire onto a large gun metal jump ring so that the chain can be doubled up and tied on using a lark’s head knot, concealing the connection. Add a clasp, and enjoy.


Here are some great mixtures of crystal that we chose with gun metal chain:

Crystals and Chain



Crystal Earrings

Elegance and simplicity. These earrings are easy to wear and easy to make. The key top the style is to match a metallic shade of crystal with the bezel and earwires. We carry Tierra Cast’s bezel specifically made for Swarovski Crystal 12mm Rivolis and kidney earwires in various colors. Simply glue the rivoli in the bezel using E600, wait to dry, slide right on to the kidney earwires and flaunt your style!


We’ve paired Crystal rivolis with the silver plated findings, Golden Shadow with the gold plated, and Crystal Copper with the copper plated.

Crystal Rivoli Earrings



Gold Disk Earrings

Gold disk earrings have been a staple style for years. We have some brass stamping blanks that come in various sizes which are perfect for this project. Simply texturize the disks using a texturing or chasing hammer, dome them using a dapping block and finally punch holes at the top for earwires.


We suggest using our Texturing Hammer with 9 Interchangeable Faces and either the Steel Dapping block or the more cost effiecient Wooden Dapping block. For the hole punched at the top we have both 1.5mm and 1.8mm Metal Hole Punches.

Brass Disk Earrings



Seed Bead Stretch Bracelet

Stretch bracelets are easy to wear, easy to mix and match, and a great statement piece. For these bracelets specifically, we recommend a mix of metals and dark colors as well as a mixture of shapes. We have size 11 seed beads mixed with Twisted Bugle Beads and Cube Seed Beads all in metallic shades. We suggest stringing them on appropriately sized Stretch Magic and using either a multi-strand spacer bar or wire wrapped with multiple loops to keep the strands together.

Seed Beads



Gun Metal Bracelet

As we have stated before, gun metal is GORGEOUS! It is a a beautiful metal that can be worn as often and as elegant as Sterling Silver. Mix and match finishes, shapes and sizes for a playful gun metal bracelet that will awe any admirer.


We have a great selection of NEW gun metal and silver plated beads in glossy and brushes finishes. A great tarnish free way to achieve the gun metal effect is to use our stone Hematite beads.

Gun Metal Beads