Try out Embossing!

If you haven’t heard already, this Saturday, April 7th, we will be having an Embossing Demo Day for our customers to try out the all NEW Vintaj Embossing machine. From 12:00-5:00 we have all the tools available in our classroom for you to use on any blanks that you already have, or they can be purchased the day of! Along with the tools to emboss, we will also have Gilder’s Paste, Patina, a Dapping Block and a Ball-Pein Hammer available for your use.

Here are some of the pieces that we made using these tools!

After embossing, the piece was covered in gilder’s paste and sanded down so that it only remained in the accent areas.

Two different colors of patina were lightly painted on and buffed out to create a vintage look.

This adorable little Owl was embossed onto a Vintaj Antique blank allowing us to sand down the antiqued exterior without having to add a coating or patina.

This moon was dapped, buffed, and a small amount of gilder’s paste was added to the background to create a night sky.

Like the owl, this bird was embossed onto a Vintaj Antique blank allowing us to buff away the darker areas to expose the brighter metal.