New Antique Silver and Brass Plated Brass Stampings!

Vintage Stampings

In March, we spoke about our beautiful new American made brass stampings – and now we have some more great new pieces! These are unique in that they have an antique silver or antique brass/bronze finish. We have also recieved many new styles, including vintage inspired filigree and stamping blanks! These are the same expertly crafted American made pieces made with original, and vintage, stamping dies that were hand tooled for superior quality and detail. Not sure what you can do with filigree pieces? Check out how we decided to use them!

Antique Silver Brass Filigree
Antique Silver Plated Filigree: $0.95 each

Antique Silver and Brass Flower Filigree
Antique Silver and Brass Plated Floral Filigree: $0.95 each

Antique Brass Arrows
Antique Brass Plated Arrows: $1.50 each

Antique Silver Arrows
Antique Silver Plated Arrows: $1.50 each

Antique Brass Branch

Antique Brass Branch
Antique Brass Plated Branch: $2.50 each

How We Did It

Have you ever wondered what you can do with basic filigree pieces? We decided to use the one featured in the top picture as a decorative piece over a basic bead. This technique can be used to tightly hold a bead that does not have a hole, acting as a bezel. This bead did have a hole, so we strung wire through the wire wrap the pieces together and added a glass pearl drop as decoration.

Antique Brass Stamping Sample Bezel
Antique Brass Plated Filigree: $1.50 each
Czech Glass Coin Bead: $1.95 each
Czech Glass Pearl Drop: $0.50 each

Come in to check out more of our new colors in 1mm and 2mm sizes!
Colored Leather