Spoon Pendant Tutorial

Spoon PendantSo much fun – so little time!  We decided to combine two sections into one this time with this easy and fun spoon to pendant tutorial (and before and after). We were at the flea market a while back and found this cute spoon. We weren’t exactly sure what we would do with it at the time but knew that it had to be bought. With a little bit of sawing, a little bit of soldering and a little bit of experimentation we came up with this cute new pendant. We also saved the part we cut off to use in later projects.

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Love these flower feather earrings

What to do with Leftover Christmas decorations: Some items  don’t necessarily need to go back in the box…or in the trash.  With Valentines day quickly approaching we’re sure you have some if not lots of leftover red material to work with.  We decided to use the leaves of  this silk poinsettia flower to make our own feathers and then simply dressed them up with some gold fox tail chain and Tierracast beads.   Love them!

Loose End To High End

So we are still working on our pile of “junk” jewelry and this time decided to tackle a VERY long…I guess you would call it a necklace.  We don’t know what it was before but we knew that it had serious potential.  With a little love and some new chain and Tierracast links, we were able to turn a throw away piece from the bottom of grandma’s drawer into a chic set fit for a high end store!

Before and After…Danielle’s Vintage Earrings

There was just a great article put out by those inspiring folks over at Etsy about finding what works for you.  One of the ideas that was in the article concerned taking old jewelry parts and turning them into great new pieces.  Vintage jewelry is always in style, and with a little of creativity you too can turn your (or your grandma’s) junk jewelry into real gems!  Danielle took something old and made it bold.  We can’t wait to see what other treasures will come out of this pile!

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Before and After Jewelry Storage

Before and After…Jewelry Storage

Design Sponge did it again.   If there is one thing that everyone can never get enough of (besides beads of course) is jewelry storage for all those wonderful new creations everyone is whipping out.  For all those crafty folks out there who like DIY projects, this one is right up your alley!  Check out the full post here

Lily’s Halloween Earrings

It seems like every time I am at the flea market or out thrift shopping I always seem to run across these old ugly silk flowers.  This time I decided to give myself a challenge and try to make something fab from something drab.  I found this silk flower and grass clump and decided that the colors were right for fall.  With two large crimp beads, headpins, some copper chain, and a few crystals, I now have a great pair of Halloween Earrings!