“That time of year…when yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang”

Vineyard in AutumnBefore autumn officially ends, we here at Legendary Beads wanted to take advantage of the beautiful palette provided by this season. Here are some great examples of autumn or fall jewelry for inspiration.

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Fall Inspired Pearls and Leather

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry in a magazine or catalog and thought, “Maybe I could make that”? We here at Legendary Beads think this all the time! There is a particularly beautiful design by Chan Luu that we’ve seen for hundreds of dollars, but we found a way to make something similar for only $8.

Pearls and Leather

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Industrial Chic

Apparently there is a “new” jewelry style out there that involves a lot of metal beads – metal beads are all the rage.   We have to admit that this necklace is pretty cool but the price is just not right.  We decided to try to knock one off and ended up with a price of $20 (with quite a few beads left over.)  Materials include: vermeil foxtail chain, silver and 24kt gold-plated pewter beads and a silver plated clasp…not too shabby at all 🙂

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One of the Katies’ Crazy Cool Necklace

We know that it’s rude to toot our own horn, but you know what – sometimes it just has to be done.  One of our Katie ladies made this ridiculously awesome turquoise necklace the other day and we thought that it deserved a little limelight.  We double dare you to find a similar necklace with the same quality stones in any department store for under $100 (and on some website 100’s of $$)