Bronze Leaf Cap Earrings

Isn’t it gorgeous?!
Bronze has such a beautiful hue we chose it as the “Metal of the Season”. These pieces are casted by Pegasus Imports, the people behind the gorgeous findings we have during our Trunk Sales. With the price of Sterling reaching absurdity, we have started carrying some of the more popular and decorative pieces in Bronze and Sterling Silver over Bronze.

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“That time of year…when yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang”

Vineyard in AutumnBefore autumn officially ends, we here at Legendary Beads wanted to take advantage of the beautiful palette provided by this season. Here are some great examples of autumn or fall jewelry for inspiration.

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Fall Inspired Pearls and Leather

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry in a magazine or catalog and thought, “Maybe I could make that”? We here at Legendary Beads think this all the time! There is a particularly beautiful design by Chan Luu that we’ve seen for hundreds of dollars, but we found a way to make something similar for only $8.

Pearls and Leather

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Get Ready for Halloween with Legendary Beads

Multi-Strand BraceletWith October here, the time to figure out your costume has come. More importantly, you have to come up with how to make it! No fret, those of us at Legendary Beads have come up with some spooky jewelry samples to inspire. From the macabre to the lighthearted, from elegant to goofy, we have found a way.

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Inspiration: A beaded wedding

It’s wedding season here in Sonoma County and nothing gives more reason to get glammed up than a  wedding!  Whether you are the bride, in the wedding party,  the procession, or an honored guest, this is your chance to get your red carpet on!  It’s all about the right stuff…the right dress, the right shoes,and of course the right jewels!  Here are a few ideas we cooked up to inspire some summer wedding bead weaving.

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