Chic Punk Suede & Chain Cuff


We found this great leather and chain cuff in a style magazine and decided to use it for this weeks tutorial.¬† There are probably a number of ways to complete this project, this is the easiest way that we found (and the least time consuming ūüôā

suede Scrap
Czech glass drops
Black C-Lon
Hole Punch
Tierracast silver clasp

1.  Measure your wrist to determine how long your cuff will need to be.  Using a ruler, measure and cut your suede.  The width is       pretty much up to you and how wide you will want it to be.
2.  Choose the chain you would like to use.  Try to find one where the links lie as flat as possible.  The length of chain you will need depends on the width of your cuff.  Choose the beads you would like to use.  We chose these Czech glass drops but it is up to you depending on the look you are going for.
3.  Measure and mark where you will punch you holes along both the top and the bottom edges of the suede.  We chose to space the holes 1cm from each other as the chain we selected is quite thick.  (remember to leave room at the ends to attach the clasps)
4.¬† Because our leather is black we could not use a pen to mark it and as such used an awl to punch mark it.¬† (We might choose a different color of suede next time to make life easier ūüôā
5.  Once we had our leather marked we used a punch to make our holes.
6. Measure the lengths of chain you will need to cut.  To do this we simply laid the chain on top of our piece of suede and counted the number of links we wanted (for us it was 9 links)
7.  Using the C-Lon we attached our chain using a running stitch Рup through the hole, around the end link, and back down through the same hole, up through the next hole, around the link of the next piece of chain, back down through the same hole etc..  Only attach to the top of the suede first.
8. Once we added three pieces of chain we decided to add our beads.
9. For the beads Рput the beads you select on to an eyepin, again lying it on the leather to measure how many to add.  (remember to take into account the eyes at BOTH ends when measuring)  Once you have your beads on the eyepins attach them to the suede the same way that you did the chain.  Because the suede is not as sturdy as thick leather, the beads add stability to the cuff!
10.  Continue this process of adding beads and chain until you get to the end of the piece of suede.  Here you can either tie off the C-Lon and start with a new piece or just continue on to the bottom of the cuff using the same piece.
11.  Repeat the same proccess along the bottom edge of the cuff..
12.  Once you have finished it is time to add the clasp.  There are a number of ways to finish the cuff, we chose simply to punch two hole on both ends and add S hooks.  For more stability you may want to add rivets to your holes.
13. Wear and love you new cuff!  Ours turned out with some pieces of chain a little looser than we expected, but as it turns out we love the effect!

Tutorial…Leather and Chain Bracelet

2 Feet of leather cord
1 1/2 feet rolo chain
1 large jump ring
1 large holed bead


1.Cut chain into two equal pieces

2. Lay pieces of chain down parallel to one another and pin down to secure the
two pieces. (a velvet board works well for this)

3. Take your piece of leather and thread it through the first links in both pieces
of chain.  (the links should be standing up, not lying flat)

4. Take both ends of the leather and thread them through the third set of links
skipping the second set but going around them.  (think of like lacing up shoes.

5. Continue this process until you have finished.  You should be at the end of the
chain bus still have cord left over.

6. Attach a large jump ring to the two links that you started with.

7. On the side with the leftover leather, thread both pieces of leather through a
large holed bead (we used a ‚ÄėPandora‚Äô style bead) then through the large jump
ring which you attached in the last step, and then back through the bead.

8. Tie a knot at the end of each piece of leather.
9.  Wear and love your new bracelet!

Tutorial‚ĶSimple Wire Wrapped Ring

It seems as though whenever I finish a beading project I always find myself with random beads which are left over.¬† More often than not these beads get tossed into my ‚Äúsomeday I will use these‚ÄĚ bucket.¬† Here is a quck and easy wire wrapped ring tutorial that will help you find a home for all those lonely leftovers!

1 large bead
about 1.5 ft. of 20 gage half hard sterling wire


1.¬† In choosing your bead, make sure that the wire will fit through the hole. TIP ‚Äď If the hole is too small you may want to use a larger gage wire and double up on the wrapping.¬† Thread the wire through the bead so it sits in the middle of the wire.

2. place on top of the finger you want to wear the ring on and wrap each side around your finger.

3. take off your finger.  While holding the loops you just created together, bring the ends of the wire up and back across the bead

4. wrap the wire around the side of the loop to finish the ring on one side, do the same on the other side to finish the ring.¬† TIP ‚Äď we recommend using needle nose or chain nose pliers to pull the wire through for a tight wrap.

5. Wear and love your new ring!

There are an incredible number of ways in which to make rings from beads.  We added a new Bling Ring class this month for those of you interested in taking it up a notch.  Or just stop by and check out our selection of store samples!

The outfit maker chain necklace

·    1 x 19 inch chain (we used heavy gold big linked)
·    2 x 3 foot colored ribbons.  (if the ribbons are solid you can use one.  The ribbons we used were semi transparent so we doubled them up)
·    2 x fold over crimps
·    2 x 8mm gold jump rings
·    5 x large beads (we used turquoise)
·    5 x gold head eye pins
·    2 ft of smaller chain (we chose a smaller version of the original gold chain)
·    16 x 6mm gold jump rings
·    1 x clasp
·    1x  big eye needle

1.    Thread your big eye needle with the ribbon.  (If you are doubling up on the ribbon use both)

2.    Starting at one end, weave the ribbon through the links in the chain.  (We did not have a specific pattern to the weaving, but rather just did it haphazardly).  Do not pull the ribbon tight as this will cause the chain to bunch up.

3.    Weave until the ribbon is done. When you are finished weaving the ribbon through the chain, cut off extra chain leaving one extra link past the ribbon on both sides.
4.    Use the fold over crimps to finish off the end of the ribbon.  The ends of the ribbon should now be the same length as the ends of the chain.
5.    Using a 8mm jump ring, attach fold over crimp and chain to one side of the clasp.  Repeat for the other side.  You should now have the completed chain with ribbon (we will call this chain#1).

6.    Put one of your large beads on an eye pin and turn a loop at the other end.
7.    repeat for all 5 beads

8.¬†¬† ¬†Take your smaller chain (we will call this chain #2) and wrap it around the big bead to measure aprox. how much to cut.¬† (we were going for a ‚Äúmessy look‚ÄĚ and so were not exact in the measurements)

9.    Repeat for all five beads. (you should now have 5 pieces of chain #2)
10.    Open the top of the eye pin and attach both ends of chain #2 to the bead and to chain #1 using one of the 6 mm jump rings.
11.    Open the eye pin on the bottom of the bead and attach chain#2 to the bottom of the bead.

12.   Repeat this for all 5 beads. When you are done,  all 5 beads should now be hanging from the chain#1 with chain#2 attached at the top and the bottom of each bead.
14.    Using 6mm jump rings attach chain#2 to the piece next to it in between the 5 beads, connecting all 5 together.
15.    Use remaining jump rings to attach chain#2 to chain#1 on either side of the first and last bead.
16.     wear and love your new FAB chain necklace!

We like this upcycled plastic bag earring tutorial from

Bella Tierra Jewelry

Neon Green Tree Branch Earrings

So I went to Saudi Arabia and the shopping bags there were all plastic‚Äďbut of beautiful greens and blues and reds. And when I saw these beautiful bags lying in the trash (or worse‚Äďnot in the trash), it made me think of what beautiful stuff I could make if I fused the plastic bags together. So here‚Äôs how I made these earrings.


  • 2 plastic bags (one green and one black)
  • earring thingies (you know what I mean)
  • 2 pieces of parchment paper, wax paper, or newspaper
  • an iron
  • scissors
  • 2 small pieces of sea-glass
  • hot glue gun (and the glue to go with it)

*NOTE* Make sure you iron in a well-ventilated room.

1)Take the first plastic bag and cut off the handles and bottom. Turn it inside out and fold into fourths.
2) Place between the 2 pieces of paper and turn the iron to a low setting. If it’s too hot you’ll burn a hole through the plastic
3)iron for about 30 seconds on either side of the plastic bag sandwich. You’ll know you’re done when the plastic has become one fused sheet.
4)repeat with other bag
5) cut the black fused sheet into 2 1″ squares (I rotated them a bit and used them as diamonds), cut part of the green one into little strips
6)arrange the green strips into the shape of a tree branch on the black diamonds, place between paper and iron until finished
7)fuse little green rectangle to top as holder for earring thingy
8)hot-glue the pieces of sea glass to the backs of the earrings (they provide weight so the earrings dangle properly: a flat bead would work, too)

Mens Leather Bracelet Tutorial


2 x 14 inches of 2mm leather cord (one of each color)
2 Bead caps or cones
2 inches of 24 gage silver wire
2 x 6mm jump rings
Tierracast toggle clasp


1. Cut leather into four 7 inch pieces
2. Combine two pieces (one of each color) and fold them in half creating a 1 inch loop.
3. Wrap the leather with wire to secure the loop
4. Take the other two pieces of leather and repeat step 2 but before wrapping it with the wire, loop it through the first side to connect the center of the bracelet
5. Wrap the end of the leather and pull it into caps to finish the ends and make a wire wrapped loop outside the cap to attach your clasp
6. Use jump rings to attach the clasp.