Bronze Leaf Cap Earrings

Isn’t it gorgeous?!
Bronze has such a beautiful hue we chose it as the “Metal of the Season”. These pieces are casted by Pegasus Imports, the people behind the gorgeous findings we have during our Trunk Sales. With the price of Sterling reaching absurdity, we have started carrying some of the more popular and decorative pieces in Bronze and Sterling Silver over Bronze.

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Tired of feathers – try something better

What is the biggest and most played-out trend these days (in our opinion) is feather jewelry.  Yes they were cool when they first re-emerged on the scene, and yes we own some…but we are really ready for what’s next.  But rather than ditch the trend all-together we thought that we would get a little more creative with it.  We decided to duplicate the “feel” of feather jewelry and see what we could come up with.  It’s time to take it to the next level – don’t follow the trend- set it!

One of the Katies’ Crazy Cool Necklace

We know that it’s rude to toot our own horn, but you know what – sometimes it just has to be done.  One of our Katie ladies made this ridiculously awesome turquoise necklace the other day and we thought that it deserved a little limelight.  We double dare you to find a similar necklace with the same quality stones in any department store for under $100 (and on some website 100’s of $$)

Beads Of Love Card Tutorial

We know that Valentines Day has passed but we still think that this card is sweet enough to share.  A super simple idea that we found on CraftGossip.  If you’ve got an extra couple of beads laying around this card is a wonderful way to personalize a gift to that special someone…and if they happen to be a beader they might even recycle the beads into another project!  Check out the tutorial here